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NY Welsh Homepage/Tudalen Cartref Cymraef Efrog Newydd
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Files on the Gaelic culture of Scotland
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List on the Lowlands cultures -- in Scots
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U.S. Scots online
Scottish History on YAHOO
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St. Dubric Page
Celtic Christian Music
Thesaurus Linguarum Hiberniae
Confession of St. Patrick
Carmina Gadelica
Celebrated collection of prayers from the Highlands
The Mabinogion
The Story of Mac Datho's Pig
Bilingual text of a tale from the Ulster Cycle
The Voyage of Bran Son of Febal
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Soc.Culture.Celtic FAQ
The Frequently Asked questions files from soc.culture.celtic newsgroup newsgroup
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The Book of Kells
Ireland: The Internet Collection
Paddynet's Island
Tir na nOg - Virtual Irish Cybercafe
A Cornish Page
Cornwall On Line
Manx Gaelic page
Celtic language guides
Ancient Irish Poetic Forms
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The Thistle and the Shamrock
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Heritage of Scotland, Sporrans and Kilts
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